Please stop adding interwiki links to our articles. After the start of Wikidata we don't need them any more. Thanks. Csigabiitt a házam 2013. január 26., 18:55 (CET)Válasz[válasz]

Block szerkesztés

Your user talk page is protected on fawiki, so I can't send messages.

I'm blocking your interwiki-bot on the huwiki. Huwiki now uses Wikidata as the source of interwiki links, and so editors are actively removing old-fashioned interwikis, only to see them promptly put back in place by your outdated bot. This is counterproductive. Please let me know when you've updated your bot so I can allow it back onto the Hungarian Wikipedia. Thanks, --Pallerti Rabbit Hole 2013. január 26., 19:18 (CET)Válasz[válasz]