Benvenuto, Pepze! Én kb. ennyit tudok olaszul. Üdv köztünk. :) – chery 2007. szeptember 7., 15:34 (CEST)

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Benvenuto, io parlo italiano un po, ed anche spagnolo abbastanza bene. Se vuoi, posso aiutarti. Solo dimmi quando hai qualcun problema. Salute, – El Mexicano   (taberna) 2007. október 21., 23:05 (CEST)


Ciao Pepze! Grazie per il tuo messaggio, ma io ho scritto solo la voce sul dialetto foggiano, l'altre cose l'ha fatte User:Albertistvan :) – El Mexicano   (taberna) 2008. január 7., 08:23 (CET)

Con piacere:)– Istvánka   postafiók 2008. január 15., 02:20 (CET)



I see you inserted the interwiki link of Italian version of "Lángos" article. Although I don't speak italiano, but I see in the text this: anche se in alcune varianti dolci quest'ultimo è sostituito dallo zucchero and I guess it is about a "sweet version of lángos". However, it does not exist in Hungary, as far as I know, this is a salty and oil type pasta. Can you ask it on the discussion page of the Italian article, where did someone get this "sweet lángos" idea from? Thanks in advance. Maybe we can correct this error or I can learn something new... misibacsi*üzenet 2008. október 13., 20:46 (CEST)

Now I corrected the English version (I deleted "sweet version" and "sugar") and the Italian version. Other languages were OK. Maybe it was a misunderstanding in the English article, as the Hungarian recipe says "adding a little sugar", which means "adding a very little amount of sugar to the flour" before mixing it together.

So, it is quite different 1. "to bake something with adding a little sugar and salt", and 2. "when ready add jam and sugar on top of it". The last one is nonsense, I've never heard of it.

I saw no other errors, so now all "Lángos" articles are OK! misibacsi*üzenet 2008. október 13., 22:45 (CEST)

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