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Dear Terry Blaine, please stop spamming editors with this! If you want help, please write to Village pump: Wikipédia:Kocsmafal (fordítási segítség) BR, Pkunk pošta 2014. március 21., 19:50 (CET)

Translation of an article.Szerkesztés

Could you help me to translate it , please ? I need you to do it.

Articles to translateSzerkesztés

Terry Blaine vita 2014. március 21., 19:15 (CET)

Thanks. Bye bye.

I'm sorry, but I can't speak English, so I can't translate the articles. If you can't speak Hungarian, you should edit another Wikipedia, because the Hungarian Wikipedia doesn't need any machine translations or articles in foreign languages. Sorry for my English. - Aros   Távírda 2014. március 21., 19:39 (CET)

Please stop your demonstration!!! - Aros   Távírda 2014. március 21., 19:50 (CET)

Please stop spamming people with translation requests. This is not the right way to do this and you might end up being blocked. Translation requests should be posted at the Village pump, for anyone to pick up if interested. Mass messaging of users is considered harmful behaviour. Thank you for your understanding. Xiaolong   Üzenő 2014. március 21., 20:01 (CET)