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Szervusz, Én Japán vagyok.

Brockhaus Lexikon.jpg This user is against the exclusionarism, rejectionism, antiforeign movements/xenophobism, and harrasments in Wikipedia. And I supports the possibilities, potentialities, reformation, reorganisation, developments, growths, expansion, and originalities, creative powers by many users.
Brockhaus Lexikon.jpg This user is against the Manual of Style
Brockhaus Lexikon.jpg This user is against the "clean up" to articles.
Adolf Hitler.png FrankLynchedLarge.jpg This user is against/opposing the Block or ban.
Jigokudani hotspring in Nagano Japan 001.jpg This user is an ethnic Japanese.
ja この利用者は母国語として日本語を読み書きします。
Kuukai masoleum 153635083 400708ef92 o.jpg Diospyros kaki-9.JPG This user has Josino-ság, Wakajama, exactly Kója, Ucsi, Simoicsi, Kurotaki areas' ancestors.
Donaukanal-schwedenplatz.jpg Orthodox Jews in Leopoldstadt 1915.JPG This user lives in Vienna.
Shabbat Challos.jpg This user welcomes warmly and stongly the Conversion to Judaism.

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About me & MottoSzerkesztés

To study, research is my life; nothing another meanings and life.

Jahdus, Jehudim, and all of the Judaistik became my main theme, first goal, primary purpose, significance for my life, and meaning that I alive. And they are my pleasure, happiness.

My life exists for only to study that; nothing another meanings.

Heilike Qehillojs are before my very eyes; Japan and Medinas-Jisro'el are lying far apart, But, the Ejrec-Jisroel is lying just before my right-hand from every places that Im standing.

  1. "Wikipedia" should not to be 2ch; I resolutely refuse any negotiation with perceptiveness of 2ch, 2ch"er.
  2. I resolutely refuse any negotiation with a user believes mass media (TV-newcasts, -reports, newspaper, documentary programs, films, "journalist"/reporter/correspondents, etc.).
  3. "Wikipedia" should not to be Ógiri; .
  4. I think, "Wikipedia" should not to shout "Wikipedia is not ...; It impedes progresses, potentials, possibilities for development, growth, expansion, for itself.
  1. I'm a settler, frontier. I want to break new grounds, seek new fields, new ways, and possibilities.
  2. But I'm busy. It's problem.


Jidisches WeanSzerkesztés

Jidisches Wean





my tefillin

"Niemals vergessen!"



[[Image:|100px|thumb|Researchable sources about Jewish and World family-names]]
[[Image:|100px|thumb|Researchable books about Anti-Judaism|]]

[[Image:|100px|thumb|Mishnah & Talmud]]



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