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Maurizio MalvestitiSzerkesztés

Well, you are welcome, but there's no need to say thanks to me, I just saved your article from speedy deletion, because it seemed like google-translation, so I formed sensible Hungarian sentences from them. Have a nice day too! Regards, ‑XXLVenom999  The Bunker 2015. május 21., 12:12 (CEST)

Oh well that's kind of you. Cheers, ‑XXLVenom999  The Bunker 2015. május 21., 12:25 (CEST)
@Rei Momo: Sorry for my late reply. I was busy with other stuff but luckily as I see the problem solved. -- ato vita 2015. május 21., 20:22 (CEST)

Thank you for contacting me, done. Have a nice day. – XXLVenom999 vita 2016. június 14., 13:45 (CEST)

José Manuel ImbambaSzerkesztés

Hi! I added a few sentences in Hungarian and verified the page. (You are welcome.)   Greetings! --XXLVenom999  The Bunker 2015. augusztus 29., 11:22 (CEST)

You are welcome, the same to You! – XXLVenom999  The Bunker 2015. augusztus 29., 18:37 (CEST)
Done. --XXLVenom999  The Bunker 2015. augusztus 29., 18:53 (CEST)
You are welcome. --XXLVenom999  The Bunker 2015. augusztus 29., 19:07 (CEST)

Mario BeccariaSzerkesztés

I did a minor correction, plus I didn't understand your last sentence, so I hid it (didn't delete it, just put it in brackets so it cannot be seen), if you could send me the original I could try to translate it. Otherwise it is fine for a stub. Greetings, --XXLVenom999  The Bunker 2015. október 26., 20:37 (CET)

You are welcome, I will correct the Hungarian sentence soon and make it visible again in its correct form. Greetings, --XXLVenom999  The Bunker 2015. október 27., 19:15 (CET)
Done this one as well. I'm glad I could help. Greetings! --XXLVenom999  The Bunker 2015. október 27., 20:16 (CET)
Okay, thank you very much! :) --XXLVenom999  The Bunker 2015. október 27., 20:38 (CET)

Antonio NapolioniSzerkesztés

Hello my friend! I have checked and corrected your article, it was fairly good, I only had to make a few minor corrections. I'm glad I could help, have a nice day! --XXLVenom999 vita 2015. november 16., 21:36 (CET)

Great, I checked that change as well. --XXLVenom999 vita 2015. november 17., 18:23 (CET)

Rita RenoirSzerkesztés

Hello! I have checked and corrected your article as you wished. Have a nice day too! :) ‑XXLVenom999 vita 2016. február 6., 21:37 (CET)

You are welcome! Yeah I've had a look at her, thank you for adding her article to our Wikipedia.  XXLVenom999 vita 2016. február 6., 22:11 (CET)


I checked the Graffignana article, I only needed to do a minor correction. You are welcome. – XXLVenom999 vita 2016. szeptember 19., 19:22 (CEST)

All right, good luck! – XXLVenom999 vita 2016. szeptember 19., 21:51 (CEST)

I checked the page and corrected the grammar, plus marked it as reviewed. Good job. Greetings, – XXLVenom999 vita 2016. szeptember 20., 11:10 (CEST)

You're welcome! – XXLVenom999 vita 2016. szeptember 20., 11:24 (CEST)

I do not answer personal questions, this is Wikipedia, I'm here to edit. – XXLVenom999 vita 2016. szeptember 20., 11:26 (CEST)

No problem. – XXLVenom999 vita 2016. szeptember 20., 11:28 (CEST)


Hello, I checked the 2 pages, and only did minor corrections, like changed 2 letters in the affixes, now the categories are blue. You are doing quite well. And also thanks for the kind words. :) – XXLVenom999 vita 2016. október 7., 00:50 (CEST)

Thanks, you too! – XXLVenom999 vita 2016. október 7., 11:50 (CEST)

I checked your changes, the link was red because of Hungarian grammar, the suffix differs according to a grammatic rule, if this is the case just tell me I'm glad to help you. I published your changes as well after minor corrections. Greetings, – XXLVenom999 vita 2016. október 20., 18:55 (CEST)

Domenico MezzadriSzerkesztés

@Rei Momo: Done.  Rakás vita 2016. november 2., 11:06 (CET)

Maurizio MalvestitiSzerkesztés

Hello Rei Momo, nice to hear from you. I translated the text as you requested. You are welcome. – XXLVenom999 vita 2017. március 23., 11:23 (CET)

I suppose it is good, checked it. – XXLVenom999 vita 2017. március 23., 11:29 (CET)


Hello there, I checked the page and corrected a few small mistakes. Now it is fine. Have a nice evening as well! – XXLVenom999 vita 2017. március 30., 20:58 (CEST)


Hi there! I have done the requested translation, thank you for contacting me. Have a nice evening as well! – XXLVenom999 vita 2017. november 12., 19:21 (CET)

Hello! It is simple: the red link is there because the page doesn't exist yet on the Hungarian Wikipedia. Feel free to write it if you want to. Greetings, – XXLVenom999 vita 2017. november 13., 19:26 (CET)

Oh okay, I am glad you guys managed to solve it. You are welcome! – XXLVenom999 vita 2017. november 14., 19:45 (CET)

Done, thank you for the contribution! Regards, – XXLVenom999 vita 2017. november 29., 17:06 (CET)

Gianuario CartaSzerkesztés

Hi there! Thanks for connecting me, and thank you for the article. I only had to do a few minor corrections. I also linked the page to the list of people who passed away in 2017. Greetings, – XXLVenom999 vita 2018. szeptember 19., 13:26 (CEST)