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We hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Again, welcome! OrsolyaVirágExtracted pink rose.pngHardCandy 2012. augusztus 8., 22:04 (CEST)


Sure! ;) -- OrsolyaVirág HardCandy 2012. augusztus 23., 22:26 (CEST)

Baden-Powell sírjaSzerkesztés

@OrsolyaVirág: This is the draft: Szerkesztő:Evrik/próbalap.

I can add links from Nyeri and Robert Baden-Powell. Can you proofread this for me and perhaps add the links? Also, what is the best name? Thanks! Evrik vita 2019. november 5., 17:57 (CET)

  • The page got deleted because it was considered, "misleading content, name fraud, or machine translation," it was none of those. @Pallerti, OrsolyaVirág: how can I get it back? Evrik vita 2020. február 15., 00:02 (CET)