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We hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Again, welcome! FarkasgergelyPisces symbol.pngÜzenet 2013. március 2., 20:06 (CET)


Wikipédia:Szócikkek felépítése Farkasgergely Üzenet 2013. március 2., 20:06 (CET)

I don't think SamoaBot understands Hungarian  . Yes, the general structure of our articles requires that instead of "Külső hivatkozások" (external references) "További információk" (further information) is used. Csigabi itt a házam 2013. március 2., 20:12 (CET)

Though automatic replacement would work in the majority of the cases I do not recommend to perform it with without the knowledge of Hungarian language. There are many cases where sources and references are involved in this section thus direct replacement would create confusion. Csigabi itt a házam 2013. március 2., 20:54 (CET)

By the way, can you change the summary of your bot from "remove interlinks (Wikidata)" to "interwikik eltávolítása (Wikidata)"? Thanks. Csigabi itt a házam 2013. március 2., 20:59 (CET)

Perfect. Thanks. Csigabi itt a házam 2013. március 2., 21:09 (CET)

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3x happy christmas, happy sylvester and happy new year. --Vakondka vita 2013. december 20., 20:18 (CET)

@Vakondka: thank you, happy new year! --Ricordisamoa 2013. december 26., 17:49 (CET)