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I hope you'll enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Again, welcome! – Dami reci 2007. január 12., 01:18 (CET)


Hi! If you plan on using your bot regularly, please see the registration page or the admins noticeboard.

You can continue using your bot as unregistered, but please create a userpage, describing your bot, and your availability/contact details. You might wanna place a link to your bots page at the "Nem regisztrált botok" (at the bottom) section of the bot registration page, meaning that your bot is purposefully a non-registered bot.

Best regards--Dami reci 2007. január 12., 01:18 (CET)

Thanks for welcoming! To leave further messages, please use ru:User talk:VolkovBot --VolkovBot 2007. január 12., 09:38 (CET)

Hi! Please apply for a bot flag on huwiki at hu:WP:BOTJ, and until you get it, please don't use your bot on huwiki, as , sorry for my expression, its getting annoying in the Recent Changes page. Thank you Dami--Dami reci 2007. november 14., 20:41 (CET)


Botflag is set until someone complains. Complaint should result removal of the flag along with the immediate ban of the account. – grin 2007. november 19., 12:04 (CET)

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Szia VolkovBot!

Kellemes ünnepeket: boldog szentestét, boldog karácsonyt, még egyszer boldog karácsonyt, boldog szilvesztert és boldog új évet kívánok neked, (szívesen). --Vakondka vita 2013. december 20., 14:49 (CET)