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We hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Have a nice time! FoBe üzenet 2021. május 14., 12:35 (CEST)


Hiǃ The file "MichelinStar.svg" does not work, it is simply too big, destroys the article. Please do not use it, or correct it, before using it again. Thanks, – Burumbátor Súgd ide! 2021. november 20., 19:02 (CET)

Send you a picture?Szerkesztés

when is this where can i send you a picture 2A02:AB88:182:F480:9D31:7BFE:57FF:F79E (vita) 2021. december 24., 21:18 (CET)

Please apply for a temporary botflag at Wikipédia:Bürokraták üzenőfala/Botjelentkezés while you are doing these file replacements, because we cannot see anything in recent changes except you. Thank you! Bináris ide Kelt: Wikipédia,  2022. december 14., 15:59 (CET)

@Bináris: Hello and thank you for your message. Unfortunately, this account is my main one, so I don't think that flagging it as a bot would be a good idea. 😕 At the same time, the file replacement that I'm doing is done through a semi-automated script-function available to any user. 🤷‍♂️ As a consequence, I don't really see how applying for a bot status would benefit in this case. However, what I could try to do would be to avoid replacing all at once files that are largely in use on hu@wiki, so that the situation that you mentionned above wouldn't take place. Εὐθυμένης vita 2022. december 14., 16:04 (CET)

If you are doing only this task here, you may apply for a temporary flag. Please, have a look at the recent changes! It is not about availability of the tool, it is about the useability of RC and the local customs. This is what we do here in huwiki in such cases. A bot flag will hide these edits from those who are not interested, but are definitely interested in all other edits, especially vandals. We still have to see the edits of others when you are replacing pictures. The other offer is also useful, but applying for a bot flag for a definite time interval would be more comfortable for everyone. Bináris ide Kelt: Wikipédia,  2022. december 14., 16:12 (CET)

@Bináris: Thank you for your answer. Could you please redirect me to the page in question and, if possible, show me a pattern that I could use for applying, especially since, unfortunately, I have no knowledge of Hungarian language? 😕 Εὐθυμένης vita 2022. december 14., 16:15 (CET)
Sure. :) It is Wikipédia:Bürokraták üzenőfala/Botjelentkezés#Bejegyzésre váró botok / Requests for bot approval. As you are not a real bot, just start a new section with your name, use template {{user}} ({{user|Εὐθυμένης}}), and write in English a sentence about your task and a deadline until you want to work. Bináris ide Kelt: Wikipédia,  2022. december 14., 16:22 (CET)
@Bináris: Here's the issue though. 😕 There's no proper "deadline" or such thing, as vectorized coat of arms, flags, maps, etc. keep getting created. The main issue and that you - indirectly - pointed out to me is that, at least for the Hungarian ones, since they're extensively used in here their replacement causes issues with the "Recent changes" page. So, normally, once I "finish" replacing any Hungarian coat of arm with its vectorized counterpart any file replacements of mine should get back to normal regarding their frequency. This could take, normally, not even a few hours. 😕🤷‍♂️ Εὐθυμένης vita 2022. december 14., 16:31 (CET)

Another good thing would be to collect the replacements, and edit each user page omly once instead of several dozen times. That would be a) faster, b) less flooding RC, c) less flooding page histories. If this tool is not capable of the task, perhaps another tool should be used, e.g. a bot. Bináris ide Kelt: Wikipédia,  2022. december 14., 18:19 (CET)

(I mean once you legally and publicly have a hammer, that does not mean that everything in the world is a nail. Bináris ide Kelt: Wikipédia,  2022. december 14., 20:56 (CET))